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Turkey travel guide

Turkey is where continents and cultures collide – you're never far from a beautiful beach, ancient ruin or cosmopolitan city.

Where to go in Turkey

Steeped in history, Turkey is a fascinating destination, whether you're on a package holiday or out on a road-trip adventure. With beaches galore and a spectacular mountain backdrop on the Turquoise Coast, Turkey's Riviera is where you can relax and take in the scenery, including the ruins at Patara and a sunken city on the island of Kekova.

The sheer scale of Turkey’s ancient sites is incredible. There are mind-boggling ruins and crowds at Ephesus, quietude at Aphrodisias, the ancient city of love, and the sacred city of Hieapolis is where you can soak your weary feet at nearby Pamukkalle's thermal springs. To top it off, you can skim the horizon in a hot air balloon over surreal landscapes at Cappadocia, over fairy chimneys and caves that hide a massive underground city.

And let's not forget the nation's tourist capital, Istanbul. Calls to prayer float across a sensational skyline, best listened to and viewed on a boat on the Bosphorus – the strait where Europe meets Asia. The spectacular Blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace and Galata Tower are must-sees. If you're here to shop, the thronging and colourful Grand Bazaar awaits.

Turkey tips and travel advice

Be prepared and stay healthy on your trip to Turkey, as there is no reciprocal medical agreement with Australia. Know your travel insurance coverage so you don't end up with a massive medical bill! Here are a few tips for your trip:

Do you really want a carpet?

It's likely you'll be pushed into buying a carpet – just don't have the rug pulled out from under you! Make sure it's legit and look into your own shipping so that it gets back home.

Traveller's belly

There's a chance you might get a sore stomach and diarrhoea if you drink the water in Turkey, so avoid it. That includes ice cubes. Stick to bottled water or bring some water purifying tablets with you.

Being offered a drink

Sometimes it could be a genuine offer as the people are so friendly, but there are the odd few that will take advantage of you and your wallet. So if the bar seems too quiet, and if you're on your own – leave. Otherwise a couple of cold drinks could cost you!

Getting the best weather in Turkey

The high season from June to August is when temperatures and prices are high. Spring and autumn (April to May and September to November) are good times to go, as it's not too hot and not too cold.

Turkey travel risks and warnings

Before you head off, check the government's Smart Traveller website for travel warnings for Turkey. Currently the government warns against travel to Turkey, as there is a threat of civil unrest. 

Potential for terrorist attacks

Smart Traveller states that terrorists maintain an interest in attacking Turkish tourist destinations. Check their website and be alert. Avoid demonstrations. And steer clear of the Syrian border.

Dual nationality

If you are a Turkish/Australian dual national, be aware that, in legal matters, you will be considered Turkish. Australian consular assistance is limited.


Vaccinations for Turkey

A few months before you go, make sure your vaccinations are up to date and that you're covered for diseases such as tetanus, hepatitis and diphtheria. Ask your doctor for advice.

Driving around Turkey

Road conditions in Turkey vary and can be a bit hairy in places. If you're planning to drive, stick to daylight hours and make sure you have adequate insurance on the motor vehicle!

Choose CGU travel insurance for your trip to Turkey

This might be your first trip or perhaps you're returning to visit loved ones! It's important to get travel insurance that has you covered for your travel in Turkey.

If an emergency happens when you're in Turkey you can contact us at anytime on our hotline +61 2 8895 0698. You can even reverse the charges.

If something happens that's not an emergency, give us a call when you get home on 13 24 80. We'll set you up with your own claims specialist who'll support you throughout your claim.