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Travelling for families

When you go on a family holiday, you want to have everything in order so every member of the family can enjoy a worry-free trip. Maybe you're going on a family adventure to Thailand, a summer holiday in Fiji, a cruise around the Pacific, or camping in our sunburnt country. Whatever the family travel plan is, get family travel insurance for you and your kids. Peace of mind for you, plus the kids get covered for free!

Benefits of having travel insurance for your family

Taking out family travel insurance means you can book the whole gang on one policy. Once that's in the bag, you can then relax with your nearest and dearest and start building some great family memories.

Travel insurance is there for you if something goes wrong and you require medical care. For example, cruises have doctors on board, but they cost a fortune, so travel insurance helps pay for their services.

If you plan to go swimming, snorkelling, or even kayaking with the kids, we'll tailor the family travel insurance to cover you when you're all in the water, in case the unexpected happens.

We'll cover your costs and make sure your family is looked after if there are any delays or cancellations due to things like bad weather. Our policies also have you all covered if anything is stolen, or if your luggage gets damaged in transit.

Choose CGU travel insurance – we're there for your family

Wherever you take the kids on holiday, make sure you get travel insurance to cover the whole family for those unexpected moments.

It's best to be prepared and organise family travel insurance before you go so you and your kids can kick back, relax and have loads of fun.

We offer cover for you and your family, that's two adults plus any dependent children under 21. Dependent children under the age of 21 are covered under all our cover options.