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Cruise travel guide

If you want to see the world without the hassle of airports, then a cruise is the way to go. From family-friendly to romantic and even adventure cruises, there really is a something for everyone on the high seas these days.

Wherever you want to go, be it the Pacific Islands on your honeymoon, a family cruise up the east coast of Australia or a polar adventure to the Antarctic, make sure you're covered in case something happens.

Why go on a cruise holiday

For some, going on a cruise is all about luxurious spa treatments, going to the theatre and enjoying culinary delights. For others, it's about relaxing in the sun with a pretty drink by the pool while the kidlets are being entertained. And for millennials, with their love of adventure, there are cruises that cater to various activities. Make sure to check the PDS to understand which activities are covered under your policy.

For everyone though, it's about the destinations you get to see in as little as a week or as much as a few months. And boy, there are so many cruises you could go on, it's mind-boggling!

There are cruises through the Pacific, Mediterranean, Americas, Africa and Asia, as well as cruises that take you right around the whole world. A favourite is to go from Sydney to Honolulu in Hawaii and then on to Vancouver in Canada. Or you could simply sail from Melbourne to Sydney in two nights.

Wherever you decide to go, we'll help you tailor your cruise insurance to your destinations, and the activities you're bound to enjoy.

What we'll cover you on your cruise

When you take a cruise to the Pacific Islands or someplace where the water is divine, you'll have the opportunity to go swimming, snorkelling, kayaking and all sorts of other water activities. It's important to choose a level of cruise insurance that has you covered when you're in the water, in case the unexpected happens.

If you're an adrenalin junkie and have chosen a cruise with zip lines, make sure your cruise insurance policy covers you! All cruises have doctors on board, but you'll have a hefty bill to pay if you're not covered.

Delays and cancellations can happen due to weather and if you don't have cruise travel insurance, you might end up paying for more accommodation and travel expenses. 
Be aware that if the cruise company cancels or reschedules for company reasons, we don't cover this, so check that they do.

Taking out cruise travel insurance means we can also help you out if anything is stolen from your cabin. If your luggage gets damaged in transit, leaving you with a ruined suitcase and clothes, travel insurance will cover the cost of replacing them.

What we won't cover you for are rainy days or getting injured if you’re under the influence, so check the weather, be sensible and have fun!

5 tips to keep seasickness and the doctor at bay

It's the worst feeling when your sea legs leave you and you spend your dream cruise clutching a sick bag. Here are a few tips to make sure you stay on your feet and enjoy the cruise:

Tip #1

Before you go, ask your doctor to recommend motion sickness tablets to take with you, just in case.

Tip #2

Tell a crew member when you feel nauseous on board and they'll bring you slices of green apple – they swear by it!

Tip #3

Make sure you stay hydrated on the cruise and, if you start to feel seasick, avoid alcohol for the day.

Tip #4

Get out of your cabin, and go outside for some fresh air and look at a fixed point on the spectacular horizon.

Tip #5

Book a cabin in the middle of the cruise ship or go on a massive ship where you hardly feel the swells!

Choose CGU cruise insurance for your trip

Taking out insurance when you head out on a cruise means you can completely relax on your holiday of a lifetime.

Having cruise insurance will cover you for those unexpected moments – say, you drop your camera overboard while taking pictures of dolphins.

Organise cruise insurance before you go, so you can head out onto the ocean and leave the worries of the world behind you on dry land.