Determining Liability

CGU will work in consultation with you to determine liability quickly.

How is liability determined?

CGU work in consultation with you to determine liability quickly and then assess the employee’s workers compensation entitlement for weekly benefits, medical and other expenses. We undertake a thorough review of all information prior to determining initial liability and then work to establish the right claims management strategies.

On receipt of a notification of injury, CGU will contact you within three days to discuss the circumstances of your employee’s injury including:

  • how the injury occurred and whether their employment was a contributing factor to the claimed injury
  • whether your employee has lost time from work as a result of their injury
  • whether there are return to work opportunities
  • if you need any assistance during the claims management process.

CGU will quickly assess workers compensation claims and provide provisional liability payments so that rehabilitation and a Return to Work Plan can begin as soon as possible.