Landlords Insurance

Protect your investment property with our broad cover

CGU’s Landlords Residential Property Insurance gives you broad protection and peace of mind for your investment property. Whether your property is damaged by tenants, destroyed by fire, or if you’re owed rent or are liable for medical bills, we can look after you.

  • Accidental breakage

    Accidental breakage of fixed glass, basins, sinks, baths and toilets included in loss or damage by a tenant or their visitors.

  • Water or liquid damage

    We will cover your buildings or contents for loss or damage caused by water or liquid.

  • Vandalism or malicious acts

    Deliberate or intentional acts, vandalism or a malicious act by your tenants or their visitors.

  • ​Removal of debris and demolishing costs

    Paid in addition to the sum insured (Up to 10% of sum insured)

  • Burning out of an electric motor

    For motors up to 15 years old and no bigger than 3.7kW (5hp)

  • Rebuilding fees (Building only)

    If your buildings suffer loss or damage we will cover the costs for architects, surveyors, and legal fees (up to 10 per cent of your buildings sum insured)

  • ​Loss of Rent cover (optional extra)

    If your building is uninhabitable, up to 12 months, up to the sum insured chosen.

  • Rent default and theft by tenant (optional extra)

    Cover for the weekly rental amount your tenants should have paid, up to $5,000. We will also cover you if your tenants or their visitors steal part of your building or any contents you have insured

  • Liability cover (optional extra)

    Choice of liability cover; $5 million, $10 million, $15 million or $20 million

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Are you leaving some big ticket items in the property you’re renting out, like a fridge, couch or TV? Or is it completely empty? At CGU, you can tailor your landlord’s insurance to suit you – with options to add extra cover for liability, rent default or loss of rent.

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Terms and conditions apply to all cover types so please review the PDS for full terms and conditions.

Need help choosing the right insurance?

We’re here to help you when you are choosing which landlord’s insurance policy is right for you. Our friendly CGU insurance specialists can answer all your questions, or you can turn to an insurance adviser for help in assessing your risk and working out the right cover for your needs.

We help you see it through

  • Experience counts

    With 160 years of insurance experience behind us, you can trust CGU to help you out when you need it most.

  • Simple claims process

    It’s easy to make a claim with CGU. Get started any time of the day or night. The rest of the process is quick, simple and hassle-free, too.

Landlords Insurance FAQs

  • How much is Landlords Insurance?

    There are many factors that influence your insurance premium – from your property’s location to the materials used to build it. We even consider whether you’ve got an alarm system on the property or not.

    The best way to get an answer is to complete our quick quote tool. It should only take three minutes.

  • How do I make a Landlords Insurance claim?

    Making a claim with CGU is quick and hassle-free. You can lodge a claim any time of the day or night by calling 13 24 80. Then, you’ll be introduced to your very own claims specialist, who will support you throughout the claim.

  • Do I need Landlords Insurance?

    Your investment property is likely to be one of your biggest assets, so it’s important to protect it. Imagine if the property was damaged or destroyed by fire. Without insurance, your investment income would go up in flames, too.

    Also be aware that, if you’ve borrowed money to buy your investment property, your financial institution may say that you have to take out insurance on the property.

  • What does Landlords Insurance cover?

    This depends. You can choose to take out Building & Contents, Building only or Contents only insurance and you can also add on extras like loss of rent and liability.

    We encourage you to read your Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) to see exactly what you’re covered for and to see which cover is right for you.

  • Is loss of rent covered?

    ‘Loss of rent’ is an optional extra you can add on to your policy. If you choose to add ‘loss of rent’, we will cover any loss of rental income that occurs following an event that makes the property uninhabitable.

    To see exactly what you’re covered for with ‘loss of rent’, please read the PDS.

  • Is the building covered with Landlords Insurance?

    As long as you take out the Buildings & Contents OR Buildings option for your landlord’s insurance then, yes, it’s covered. This means that if a storm, fire, landslide, bungled burglary or other event causes damage to your property, we’ll cover it.

    To see exactly what the building is covered for, please read the PDS.

Understanding your Landlords Insurance quote

Whether you’re insuring your building, your contents or both, you choose the sum insured. This amount does affect the premium but doubling the sum insured doesn't double the premium. This is because a total loss is unlikely.

Some areas are more prone to burglary or damage than others. CGU calculates the probability of an event occurring in your area and applies it to your premium.

The higher your excess (which is the amount you pay when you make a claim), the lower your premium will be. This is entirely up to you.

If the property has a premium alarm system and plenty of locks and bolts, it’s less likely to get burgled, right? We consider this when calculating your premium.

Some building materials are more prone to damage or are more expensive to replace than others. A brick home, for example, will have a lower premium than a weatherboard home. Older homes cost more to insure, too.

It’s the little things that count at CGU

  • Broad cover for peace of mind

    If something happens and it’s not on our short list of excluded mishaps, you know you’re covered. It’s that simple.

  • Certainty with water-related events

    Whether the water comes from above, below or from a burst pipe, we’ve got you covered. CGU covers storm, rainwater, flood and tsunami to give you extra peace of mind.

  • Rely on your rental income?

    We’ll pay your rent for you if the property becomes uninhabitable. You can rely on our rent for up to 12 months if you add ‘loss of rent’ to your policy.

Whenever you need us, we’re right here

  • Emergency support

    If a wild storm causes damage, we can organise emergency repairs quick smart so your tenant gets a roof back over their head as quickly as possible.

  • Lodge claims 24/7

    Unfortunate events happen day and night. Simply call 13 24 80 at any time to kick off your claims process.

  • Your very own claims specialist

    In most cases, you’ll deal with one person from CGU. They’re here to answer your questions and support you throughout the claim.

CGU Flood Cover

CGU includes automatic flood cover as a policy feature on Home and Landlords Insurance. This ensures that all customers are covered for damage caused by water giving you peace of mind when water damage occurs. With an increase in recent years of severe weather events it protects our customers and enables CGU to offer quick flood claim resolutions.

CGU Flood Cover additional information

Need to make an insurance claim on your investment property?

Simply call 13 24 80 at any time to kick off your claims process.

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