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Home Insurance

No matter what roof you live under, CGU home insurance has got you covered

Buying or renting your first home? Or, had the kids move out and have the house to yourselves? Wherever you’re at in life, CGU offers more choice for house insurance. With our range of options you will be able to choose the right house insurance for your needs.

New for old

If your saggy old sofa is damaged in a fire or flood, we’ll replace it with a new one. In other words, with our new-for-old replacement there’s no depreciation on your contents.

A roof over your head

Worried about where you’ll sleep at night if your home is damaged? CGU looks after you, providing temporary accommodation and arranging emergency repairs.

Get a quick quote

Get a quote

CGU offers three tiers of protection for Buildings, Contents or combined cover

  • Choose Premium – Accidental Damage cover for almost any accident

    If you want the ultimate peace of mind – Premium gives you cover for all the usual things, plus offers cover for items that you accidentally break or lose.

  • Choose Quality – Listed Events cover for mid-range cover

    Not only does Quality give you great cover, you can add options to your policy for extra valuables cover and more.

  • Choose Basic - Fundamentals cover to give you good baseline cover

    For peace of mind that you’re protected for floods, fires, break-ins and more, Basic has you covered.

Compare Home Insurance Cover

Want simple house insurance for your family home? Or do you need cover for your personal items and the special painting you bought at auction last year? At CGU, you’ll find the cover that’s right for you. With each cover type below, you can tailor it with Premium, Quality or Basic options to meet your needs.

Looking for home insurance in SA, WA or the NT?

Our home insurance is now only available through our partners in South Australia, Western Australia and the Northern Territory. If you would prefer to get your insurance direct from an insurer, you can visit NRMA Insurance to see their home insurance policies and get a quote.

If you already have a policy with us, we'll contact you if there are any changes to it in the future.

Go to NRMA Insurance

NRMA home insurance in SA, WA and NT is issued by Insurance Australia Limited, ABN 11 000 016 722 trading as NRMA Insurance. To see if this product is right for you, always consider the Product Disclosure Statement and Target Market Determination available from

We help you see it through

  • Trusted by millions

    It’s no accident that CGU has such a strong following. We manage nearly 1,000 claims every day.

  • Experience counts

    With 160 years of insurance experience behind us, you can trust CGU to help you out when you need it most.

  • We offer pay by the month at no extra cost

    Prefer paying your home insurance in monthly instalments? Set up direct debit with us and pay for your home insurance by the month with no additional cost.

  • Simple claims process

    It’s easy to make a claim with CGU. Get started any time of the day or night. The rest of the process is quick, simple and hassle-free too.

Home Insurance FAQs

  • Am I covered for flood?

    Yes, you are.

    All CGU home insurance policies include flood cover. Damage from tsunamis, storm and rainwater are covered, too.

    Take a look at the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) below for your chosen cover to see what water-related events you’re not covered for:

  • How much is Home Insurance?

    Homes come in all shapes and sizes, right? This can determine the amount of insurance you pay; Home insurance for a large house in a suburb known for break-ins will cost more than a cottage in a quiet town.

    When we calculate your home insurance premium, we look at a whole range of factors – from the materials used to build your home to its location.

    The best way to answer this question is to complete a quick quote.

  • Are visitors' belongings covered?

    Got friends staying with you? Our Quality and Premium policies will look after them, too. If their gear is damaged by an event listed in your policy (like fire, theft, water damage), we’ll provide cover for up to $5,000 (includes GST).

    Please note that we only cover these belongings if they’re not already insured under another policy.

  • Does home insurance cover renovations?

    If you’re renovating, your home insurance policy should still cover you. There are a few restrictions; and it’s important that you let us know before you start the renovation so we can provide the right cover for the work that’s planned.

    Renovation restrictions include:

    • If the value of renovations is greater than $75,000 or is structural, we will not cover you for any legal liability arising from the renovations. Structural renovations are those that affect the overall structure or frame of the home.
    • We will not cover you for any water entering your home through an opening made for any renovations or repair work.


    Please refer to the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) below for your chosen cover for full terms and conditions:

  • Is home insurance a requirement?

    This depends. If you have a home loan, you should check with your financial institution to see if home insurance is compulsory throughout the life of the loan. If you own the house outright, then it’s up to you whether you have home insurance or not. 

  • Am I underinsured?

    Many people underestimate how much insurance cover they actually need! Or they simply renew their insurance policies each year without taking into consideration renovations or new purchases.

    CGU Insurance cover aims to provide you with protection and peace of mind, so that in the unfortunate event that your home or contents are lost or damaged, you will be covered for their full repair or replacement cost.

    Our building and contents calculators can help you estimate what your home and contents are worth1.

    Home Building calculator
    Home Contents calculator

  • What isn't covered by home insurance?

    This depends on the type of policy you’ve taken out. Each of our home insurance policies comes with its own Product Disclosure Statement (PDS), which lists out all the exclusions to your cover.

    In short, you’re not covered for any foreseeable event or for general wear and tear (for example, your home and contents deteriorating over time due to age).

    We encourage you to read your PDS to see the full list of what is and isn’t covered:

Understanding your home insurance quote

Amount insured

Whether you’re insuring your building, your contents or both, the higher the sum you choose to insure then the higher your premium will be.

Your location

Some areas are more prone to burglary or damage than others. CGU calculates the probability of an event occurring in your area and applies it to your premium.

Your excess

The higher your excess (which is the amount you pay when you make a claim), the lower your premium will be. This is entirely up to you.

How the house is built

Some building materials are more prone to damage or are more expensive to replace than others.

Need help?

Our friendly CGU insurance specialists can answer all your questions, or you can turn to an insurance adviser for help in assessing your risk and working out the right cover for your needs.

Do you know how much it would cost to rebuild your home and replace your items?

Our building and contents calculator can help you estimate what your home and contents are worth1.

Home building calculator
Home contents calculator

Important documents

Before you decide on the cover that’s right for you, read the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and Target Market Determinations. In the PDS you’ll learn everything you need to know about what’s covered and what’s not.

Whenever you need us, we're right here

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  • Still have questions?

    Want to speak with a real person? Call us on 13 24 81 between 8am and 8pm and we'll help you find the right cover.

CGU Flood Cover

CGU includes flood cover as a policy feature on Home and Landlords insurance. This ensures that all customers are covered for damage caused by water giving you peace of mind when water damage occurs.

CGU Flood Cover additional information

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Things you should know

1 Building and contents calculators are provided by CoreLogic and should only be used as a guide. These calculators' estimates may be different than estimates you get during your quote. We do not guarantee the accuracy or currency of the estimates.