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Comprehensive Car Insurance

Love your car? You’ll love our comprehensive cover

Whether you’ve saved every penny for the car of your dreams or simply want the reassurance that you won’t face big bills in the event of an accident, you’ll love our Comprehensive Car Insurance. Our most popular level of car cover comes with a range of optional extras to make it easier than ever for you to shape your car insurance to your lifestyle – and get back on the road again faster.

  • Personal items

    If personal items are damaged in an incident or stolen from your locked car, we will cover the cost to repair or replace them up to $500 (inclusive of GST).

  • Hire car costs after theft

    If your car is stolen, or it is unsafe to drive, ride or tow as a result of theft or attempted theft, we will pay (inclusive of GST) the cost of a hire car. We will pay this cost from the time the theft or attempted theft occurred until your car is recovered and repaired, or until we settle your claim if your car is a total loss, up to a total of 14 days, whichever is the shortest period of time.

  • Hire car costs after an accident

    optional extra

    With this optional extra we will extend your cover to pay the costs of a hire car following an accident for which you are covered under this policy, up to $100 per day (inclusive of GST) until your car is repaired, or, until we settle your claim if your car is a total loss, up to 21 days.

  • Baby capsules

    If baby capsules or child seats are damaged while in your vehicle or stolen from your vehicle, we will cover the replacement cost.

  • Emergency or temporary repairs

    If your car needs emergency or temporary repairs so that it can be driven or used, we will cover the cost of repairs, up to $800 (inclusive of GST) per incident.

  • Trailers attached to your car

    If a trailer suffers loss or damage while attached to your vehicle, we will pay the cost to repair or replace it, up to $1,000 (inclusive of GST) whichever is the least amount.

  • Windscreen extension

    optional extra

    With this optional extra we will cover the cost to repair or replace your windscreen when there is no other damage caused to your vehicle, without impacting your no claim bonus or paying any excess once during your period of insurance.

  • Re-coding of locks and barrels after theft of keys

    If the keys of your car are stolen, we will cover the cost to repair and re-code your locks and barrels, up to $1,000 (inclusive of GST).

  • Towing and transport of your vehicle

    If your car is damaged in an accident and cannot be driven or used, we will tow it from the scene to a place of safety, the nearest repairer, or any other place we agree to.

  • One at fault claim protection

    optional extra

    If you add this optional extra we will protect your No Claim Bonus for one at-fault claim during your period of insurance. To be eligible for this optional extra you must be in the maximum No Claim Bonus.

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  • Up to $1,000 in trailer cover

    Trailers can take some hard knocks. If yours is damaged while attached to your insured vehicle, we’ll pay up to $1,000 to repair or replace it.

  • Pay by the month at no extra cost

    Choose to pay your insurance by monthly, fortnightly or even yearly instalments from your bank account, credit or debit card and we won’t charge you a cent more.

  • One at-fault claim up your sleeve

    We won’t touch your No Claim Bonus when you make your first at-fault claim.

Comprehensive Car Insurance FAQs

  • Is a learner driver covered on my car insurance?

    Yes, they are!

    So even when the L plates are on, your car insurance counts.

    If you’ve chosen one of our Nominated Driver policies under your Comprehensive Car Insurance cover, the learner driver must be accompanied by a fully licensed driver aged 25 years or more.

    Please refer to the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) for full terms and conditions.

  • What is comprehensive car insurance?

    With comprehensive insurance, you’re covered for everything from a car crash to a hail storm (note: some exclusions apply – please refer to the PDS for terms and conditions).

    At CGU, your comprehensive car insurance policy covers your car for accidental loss or damage, malicious damage, theft, fire, flood or storm. It also covers your liability for any damage you cause to another person’s vehicle or property.

    Then, there are all the added features that come with CGU comprehensive car insurance, like:

    • Uninsured motorist damage
    • No-claim bonus protection
    • Vehicle replacement after a write-off (conditions apply)
    • Hire car after theft
    • $30m liability cover
    • Optional windscreen cover
    • Trailer cover
    • Emergency or transport repairs
    • Towing and transport
    • Removal of debris
    • Personal items
    • Re-coding of locks and barrels after theft of keys
    • Baby capsules and car child seats
    • Storage costs

    To fully understand exactly what you’re covered for, please read the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS).

  • How much does comprehensive car insurance cost?

    The cost of your comprehensive car insurance policy depends on a range of factors, including your age, location, driving history, your vehicle’s make and model, and whether you keep your car in a garage or not.

    There are ways you can lower the cost of your insurance. For example, you can nominate two drivers to be covered on your policy, or you can choose a policy that restricts how far you drive each year.

    The best way to answer this question is to complete a quick quote. You’ll have an answer in 3 minutes.

  • Is my car covered when someone else drives?

    This depends on the type of comprehensive car insurance policy you’ve chosen (there are three to choose from).

    With our standard Motor Vehicle Insurance Policy, your car is covered no matter who is behind the wheel, some exclusions apply so please refer to the PDS.

    With our two Nominated Driver policies, drivers under 25 years of age aren’t covered (except for learner drivers accompanied by a fully licensed driver aged 25 years or more). Anyone that’s not listed on your policy will incur a higher excess in the event of a claim, too.

    It’s a good idea to read the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) before letting someone else drive your car or if you’re unsure give us a call on 13 24 81.

Understanding your comprehensive car insurance quote

Your age

Let’s face it. Younger drivers have less experience and can be more likely to have accidents. So if you’re under 25 years of age, you’ll pay a little more.

Your vehicle

In calculating your premium, we look at the make and model of your car, and how much it would cost to repair or replace it.

Your location

Some suburbs have higher rates of accident or theft than others, which is why we’ll ask you where you usually park your car.

Garage or street?

If you keep your car in a garage overnight, it’s much less likely to be damaged or stolen than one parked on a street.

Your driving history

Got a clean slate? We’ll lower your premium if you haven’t made any claims in the past.

Need help choosing the right insurance?

We’re here to help you work out which car insurance policy is right for you. Our friendly CGU insurance specialists can answer all your questions, or you can turn to an insurance adviser for help in assessing your risk and working out the right cover for your needs.

Car Product Disclosure Statements

Before you decide which level of Car cover is right for you, we recommend you read the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS), you’ll learn everything you need to know about what’s covered and what’s not.

Like your family, we’re here when you need us

  • A handy claims app

    Use our Claims Support App to record all the crucial details after an accident. You can share them with us immediately, or keep as a record for down the track.

  • Our claim specialists are here to help

    When possible, you’ll deal with one person from CGU. They’re here to answer your questions and support you throughout the claim.

  • You can lodge a claim 24/7

    Accidents happen day and night. Simply call 13 24 80 at any time to kick off your claims process.

Nationwide repair network

CGU has a national network of over 450 partner repairers, who meet our standards of safety and service are here to get you back on the road as quickly as possible. Or, you can choose your own repairer.

Person fixing a car

Need to make a claim?

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Step 2. We’ll kick off the claims process, and keep you informed every step of the way.

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