Niklas sits in an office chair in front of a green pinboard, looking at the camera.
Sweden and Austalian map outlines, connected by a dotted line

Niklas Olsson

Born Sweden | Arrived Australia 1983 | Co-founder and Chairman, Balto

Niklas moved to Australia from a small town in Sweden. Influential in the founding of major online fashion retailer THE ICONIC, Niklas decided to branch out into logistics and in just two years has seen his innovative refrigeration business, Balto, grow on a national scale.

There are plenty of opportunities in Australia.
If you put your mind to something, you can fulfil your dreams.Niklas Olsson

new ideas & perspectives

My business was born out of the desire to disrupt and challenge an outdated and tarnished logistics industry. We work relentlessly to provide the best service possible and use the latest technology to maintain this advantage as we scale. The use of smart technology also leads to lower costs and greater transparency for our clients, as well as a better delivery experience for their customers.

Niklas, as a child, using a computer in his grandparents' home.
Niklas at his grandparents in Bollebydg Sweden in 1995. His grandpa was his biggest idol and had a computer before it was common to have one at home, so he loved going to visit and playing games.
Niklas writes notes on a glass board.

My absolute favourite thing about running my own business is coming to work every day and getting to work with a team of dedicated and passionate people. Many of my staff are migrants, and we also work hard to give back to the community.

Niklas Olsson

Adapting to a new market

I have never been discriminated against in my work, but there are times, particularly in the sales process, where in order to be successful understanding the local business culture has been important.

Further understanding local laws and legislation, especially when it comes to labour hire, is also important. Australia wants to make sure everyone is treated fairly which is good, and you need to be thorough and well prepared.

Niklas leans against a glass wall, arms crossed in the Balto office
Niklas' business has steadily increased revenue over the past 3 years, with 1M turnover in the first year and 5M projected for this financial year.
My advice to others who are thinking of starting a business here in Australia is to be prepared and seek advice. Niklas Olsson


1/3 of migrant business owners plan on hiring new people to grow their business

24% of migrant business owners intend on expanding into new markets

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