Lorenzo leans against a stack of coffee bean sacks in the Kogi Coffee warehouse.
Colombia and Austalian map outlines, connected by a dotted line

Lorenzo Perafan

Born Colombia | Arrived Australia 2005 | Co-founder, Kogi Coffee

Lorenzo fell in love with Australia and the Australian way of life and after being made redundant from his job in telecommunications, Lorenzo decided to embrace his Colombian heritage and take advantage of Australia’s sophisticated coffee culture by starting a sustainable coffee business – Kogi Coffee.

I’ve been lucky to live in some beautiful places, but there really is nowhere quite like Australia. Lorenzo Perafan

Education & opportunity in Australia

My partner originally migrated to Australia from our home in Bogota in Colombia to pursue studies in Marine Science at the University of Queensland. I followed her shortly after, enrolling in a Postgraduate Diploma in Communications, and we both fell instantly in love with this beautiful country.

Lorenzo, as a small child, dressed in a Superman costume.
Lorenzo in his hometown of Popayán, dressed up for Halloween in 1984.
Lorenzo lifting a sack of coffee beans.

I started working in the telecommunications industry. However, after I was made redundant I began my search for something more meaningful to do. My father suggested I speak to an Indigenous tribe from the north of Colombia, the Kogi people, as they were starting to consider exporting wild rainforest coffee.

Lorenzo Perafan

Finding a gap in the market

Fast forward two years and my business, Kogi Coffee, now sells the Kogi tribe’s unique coffee beans to Australian cafes, retailers and supermarkets. I’ve fallen in love with the complexity of the coffee industry here in Australia and I have really enjoyed developing my networks and educating people on the sustainability benefits of wild rainforest coffee.

Running a small business take a lot of work, however I think Australia is one of the best countries in the world for business owners. Not only is it a safe place, the business environment is favourable.

Lorenzo works with other coffee roasters in a communal roastery to prepare his product.
Australia has an inclusive and supportive culture, and contributing to this great country is a hugely rewarding experience. Lorenzo Perafan

36% of migrant business owners believe their cultural background has helped them succeed

Just 9% see it as a barrier

47% of migrant business owners moved to Australia to find a better quality of life

37% of migrant business owners are providing unique goods or services

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