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83% of migrant business owners started their first business venture after moving to Australia

In this report

The CGU Migrant Small Business Report has been developed to shine a light on the undervalued but significant role migrants have in Australia’s small business sector.

It is based on research undertaken by EY Sweeney on behalf of CGU, and reveals that migrant business owners are entrepreneurial, innovative and ambitious.

In addition to summarising the research, the CGU Migrant Small Business Report includes the inspiring, real-life stories of successful migrant business owners.

Our hope is that it helps promote a more informed discussion about the contribution migrants, and in particular, migrant business owners are making to Australia.

Migrant business owners are creating jobs, contributing to our economy, giving back to our communities and making our culture richer. This contribution deserves to be acknowledged and celebrated.Kate Wellard, CGU Marketing Director

1/3 of small businesses in Australia are run by migrants

This equates to at least 620,000 migrant-owned businesses across the country


Migrant business owners employ over 1.41 million people across Australia

1/3 plan on hiring new people to grow their business

equating to the potential creation of 200,000 new jobs in the next 5-10 years


Media enquiries

CGU Insurance would be delighted to provide further comment on this report. We can also connect you with a number of inspiring migrant business owners who can share their story.

Media Enquiries

For all media enquiries, including interview opportunities with inspiring migrant business owners, please contact the CGU media hotline: +61 (0) 2 9292 9742

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