Small Business report

1/3 Of all Australian small businesses are owned by migrants.

CGU believes that being Australian is not just about where you were born. With anti-immigration sentiment rising around the world, CGU conducted this research to tell the real story.

The story of the many successful, hardworking and innovative migrant business owners, their “can do” attitude, and the positive impact they have on Australia.

Karla Spetic

Karla Spetic

Born Croatia|Arrived Australia 1993|Owner and Founder, Karla Špetić

Originally from Dubrovnik, Karla moved to Australia as the war in Croatia intensified. A naturally creative person, Karla decided to branch out and start her own fashion label. She is now a regular at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week with customers around the globe.

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A challenge, and strength of working in Australia, is our isolation. On one hand, I have to produce from overseas. Yet our isolation means we can create our own trends.Karla Spetic
The Bearded Bakers dance and entertain as they cook in their shipping container kitchen

The El Issa Family

Originated Jordan|Knafeh Bakery

The travelling Knafeh Bakery is built from 
a repurposed shipping container, filled with humdrum, laughter and street art, the business began on the streets of Western Sydney.

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The Facts

Understanding the facts

The facts about migrant business owners

Our research shows that migrant business owners are innovative, ambitious and creating jobs, and more likely to be giving back to the community.

They also have an entrepreneurial spirit, with 83% starting their first business venture after moving to Australia. They are more likely to be motivated by providing for their family and by quality of life, than by financial rewards.

Entrepreneurial: 83% of migrant business owners did not own a business before coming to Australia

Innovative: 23% started their business to 'try out an innovative idea'

Compared to 16% of non-migrant business owners

Ambitious and focused on growth: 47% are focused on generating higher revenue

Compared to 38% of non-migrant business owners.

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