Making your business events a success

Making your business events a success

With the warmer weather upon us, many businesses are planning events with employees and customers. Unfortunately, the consequences of a poorly organised event can go beyond bad weather and running out of food.  A poorly managed event can harm your business’s reputation and even lead to lawsuits.

Make your summer events a success by following some simple steps to reduce your risk.

Planning the event

Detailed planning will help mitigate risks associated with any event as well as making your event a success.  Document event details such as location, type of venue, transportation needs, contact details of key personnel and any special considerations for your guests (eg facilities they may need access to such as disabled toilets or extra seating).  If you’re working with an event planning company or caterer, ensure all details are arranged and understood well in advance of your event. 

Emergency procedures

Be aware of the emergency plan and procedures at your venue, and make sure guests are aware of important safety and emergency information at the start of your event.

Responsible service of alcohol

For many people, celebrations and alcohol go hand in hand. However, businesses hosting events where alcohol is served can be at risk for the claims arising out of the actions of intoxicated guests.

Intoxicated guests could injure themselves, or cause property damage that your company is them liable for – even if the injury or damage occurs after the event has officially wrapped up.

Some steps you can put in place to prevent these risks include:

  • Limiting the number of drinks guests can consume, the duration of drinks being available, or not serving alcoholic drinks at all
  • Ensure any catering staff who will be serving drinks have undergone appropriate responsible service of alcohol training and are accredited
  • Making sure you serve sufficient food and water / non-alcoholic drinks for all guests
  • Arranging transportation for guests who may be drinking to ensure they do not drive after drinking at your event


If your event is outdoors, you will want to consider a plan for inclement weather.  Severe weather (eg thunderstorms or high winds) can create conditions where guests are injured and property is damaged.  Consider a plan to cancel or post-pone your event if the weather forecast is poor, and have an emergency plan in place in case of severe weather.

Heat is another factor to consider for summer events – ensure your event space provides sufficient shaded areas and you supply guests with water and sunscreen to prevent dehydration or heat stroke.


Depending on the nature of your event, you may want to take our specific insurance to protect your business from risk – speak to your insurance adviser for more information about running business events and what you are covered for.