When you should think about insurance

Insurance protects the things you care about so you don’t need to worry in case something happens. Major milestones and purchases are the perfect time to consider buying insurance.

As your life changes, so will your insurance needs

The following major milestones are a great time to think about what insurance you need to protect yourself.

Buying your first car

Before you buy a car, you’ll want to think about what sort of insurance you need. Depending on your circumstances, you may want to take out either CGU’s third-party or comprehensive car insurance. Browse CGU Car Insurance here.

Going overseas

Before you take off, make sure your trip is covered. CGU’s travel insurance covers you for almost any mishap that could occur when travelling.

Moving out of home

When you move out of home, insurance may not be the first thing on your mind – but once you move out, you might want to consider taking out CGU’s contents insurance. Contents insurance protects you in case your belongings are stolen or damaged.

Buying a house

Most banks will require you to have home insurance if you are taking out a home loan with them. This protects you in case your home is damaged and needs to be rebuilt.

People often combine home insurance (which covers your house) with contents insurance (which covers your belongings). CGU’s home and contents calculators can help you estimate how much your home and belongings are worth, which is useful when you’re deciding how much insurance cover you need1.

Buying an investment property

Own a flat, unit, apartment or house which you lease or rent to tenants? CGU’s landlord insurance protects your investment property.

Things you should know

1 Building and contents calculators are provided by CoreLogic and should only be used as a guide. These calculators' estimates may be different than estimates you get during your quote. We do not guarantee the accuracy or currency of the estimates.