Paying your insurance

CGU offers you to pay by monthly or fortnightly installments

We understand that managing a budget is tough. Life gets busier and unfortunately the bills don’t stop. Getting one big bill to pay can be daunting and they often come at the worst time possible, we’ve all been there. We do our best to help you by offering monthly and fortnightly payment instalments from your designated bank account, credit card or debit card to spread out your insurance costs evenly across the year. Our instalment plans are easy to set up, available to CGU customers, across all of our policies, and best of all we charge no fees to pay your insurance by instalment.

If you haven’t set up monthly or fortnightly instalments and would like to, please advise us when you set up your new policy, or, for existing policies simply contact us and we can do this over the phone for you. You’ll receive a confirmation letter in the mail confirming the date and amount for each instalment.

If you hold a policy with a broker or with one of our partners, please contact then directly to discuss your payment options.