ICT liability

CGU Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Liability Insurance policy is designed to protect the assets of information technology professionals and businesses.

ICT Liability

The growth and development of information and communication technology (ICT) continues at an ever increasing rate. The application of this technology is widespread throughout all sectors of the economy and in many aspects of our personal lives.
This almost complete dependency on technology brings with it a significant liability to ICT service and product providers when issues arise with the technology or the technology fails to meet client expectations.
Due to the character of the activities of ICT providers (is a service or a product being provided?) there can be potential uncertainty in the handling of ICT claims. To remove this uncertainty CGU Professional Risks has for over a decade provided a packaged liability product and a centralised claims management process. Both Professional Indemnity and General Liability claims are managed by the experienced Professional Risks Claims team.

Key features – Professional Indemnity

Broad definition of ‘Information Technology’ and ‘Computer Equipment’
Intellectual Property cover includes ‘unintentional infringement of circuit layout rights’.
Cover for Loss of Documents extended to include electronic data
Cover for civil liabilities incurred in the performance/provision of ‘Information Technology’ services 
Contractual Liability Defence Costs (sub-limited) 
Loss Mitigation and Rectification (sub-limited)
Advancement of Claims Investigation Costs

Key features – General Liability

Covers personal injury, property damage or advertising liability
Covers personal injury or property damage caused by an unknown defect in the Insured’s Products
Covers property damage including any loss of use of property
Covers liability for property damage to property temporarily in the Insured’s physical or legal control (sub-limited)

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