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Public Liability Insurance

CGU’s Public Liability insurance protects your business against liability claims.

What is Public Liability Insurance?

As a business owner you are accountable to third parties that come into contact with your business (customers, employees, suppliers, etc.). If damage or an accident occurs while you’re providing a service, a third party can sue your business, which can result in costly legal fees as well as the obligation to pay for the damage or injury you may have caused.
These costs are often devastating for businesses, which is why Public Liability Insurance exists to help protect you in the event of an incident.

What Protection will a CGU Public Liability policy provide?

CGU’s public liability insurance protects your business against claims resulting from accidents or injuries that occur as result of your business activities, as well as accidental damage to property owned or controlled by someone else.
If you work with clients or customers, in public spaces, visit spaces owned or controlled by others, have visitors to your premises, or manufacture products; Public Liability Insurance is your best defence against potentially costly personal injury or property damage claims.
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Some things you're covered for

  Your legal costs
  Cover for others not named in the policy
  Loss/Damage of goods
  Injury or Damage caused by your products
  First aid expenses at the time of an incident
  Sudden and Accidental Pollution

What are some of the things Public Liability doesn't cover me for?

  Employer’s responsibility for injured workers (workers compensation)
  Aircraft products
  Punitive or liquidated damages (damages awarded where a judge believes you acted so badly that extra damages are award and those agreed to terms specifically previously agreed to in a contract)
  Gradual Pollution
  Products Recall

Choosing the right Public Liability Policy

CGU knows that providing truly comprehensive protection means that policies must be able to be flexible to suit individual business needs. At CGU we enable you to purchase this product alone under the policy.
However usually businesses need additional features and the below policies all contain Public Liability with different features. This enables our customers to pick a policy that suits their specific business and only purchase the insurance you need.
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