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Professional Indemnity

CGU Professional Indemnity Insurance provides comprehensive protection against potential claims and disputes.

What is CGU Professional Indemnity Insurance?

CGU’s Professional Indemnity policy provides you and your business with comprehensive protection against claims for financial loss, bodily/personal injury or property damage arising from an act, error or omission in the performance of professional services covered by the policy.
If you’re in any kind of profession that gives advice or provides a service, for example: advertising agencies, management consultants or consulting engineers, professional indemnity is a necessity. Your business is your livelihood, so protecting it is paramount.
If an error or omission occurs in the course of your work and that error or omission causes a financial loss or injury to your client or any other third party, then they can claim damages against you, resulting in you incurring potentially debilitating costs (including legal costs) and reputational damage. Potentially a significant disruption to your business.
Professional Indemnity Insurance protects you from bearing the full cost of these claims and disputes, and from the time and resources they consume.
The threat of claims and litigation is very real and can potentially bankrupt businesses, small or large. It may seem like a distant possibility, but legal action often arises from an unforeseen event to completely disrupt businesses.

Some things you're covered for

  Cover for civil liabilities including (but not limited to) breach of duty, defamation, loss of or damage to documents, infringement of intellectual property and more
  Covers bodily injury and property damage claims arising from the professional services covered by the policy
  Claims investigation costs (i.e. costs of investigating, defending and settling claims)
  Automatic reinstatement of the Policy Limit
  Continuous cover extension

What are some of the things professional indemnity doesn't cover me for?

  Claims and circumstances known before the period of insurance
  Intentional damage
  Insolvency of the insured
  Contractual liability

Why choose CGU insurance?

CGU is one of Australia’s longest continuous providers of Professional Indemnity insurance and is one of the largest insurers in this critical area. We know that our competitive advantage lies in our experience, knowledge and ability to maintain a difference in the services that we provide.  
Currently CGU insures approximately 40,000 Australian businesses or individuals for professional indemnity insurance and over the past 27 plus years we have:

• underwritten over $1.5 billion in premium
• managed over 42,000 claims for our policy holders.
We understand some business insurance needs can be complex, so we work with a national network of brokers, authorised representatives, business partners and suppliers to ensure we provide you with the best means to ask the right questions and get the right advice. Together CGU and our partners work to provide insurance solutions that meet your needs.
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