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Marine goods in transit

Combined Cartage Insurance for Transport Operators offers cover for commercial cargo while in transit.

If you operate a commercial transport carrier, CGU Combined Cartage Insurance for Transport Operators is designed to cover your cargo whilst in transit. This policy is flexible, with carriers able to take multiple options in a single policy.

Choose from three levels of cover:

  • Defence Cover (also called Carriers Liability Cover)
  • Nominated Clients Cover
  • Basic Cover (also called Carriers Load/Carriers Goods in Transit)

This insurance is designed for

Carriers can operate in a range of contractual circumstances including:

  • Carrying goods under written and agreed Terms and Conditions of Cartage (including a consignment note) exempting them from liability ('Private Carrier').
  • Carrying goods for a particular client on agreed Terms and Conditions in which they accept full responsibility for the goods in their care.
  • Carrying goods without having any written contract ('Common Carrier').  

Key features

  • Protects against fire, collision and overturning, strikes, malicious damage, jackknifing, with optional cover for shedding of load
  • Covers carriers equipment and packaging (i.e. chains, tarps and dogs)
  • Optional cover for theft and loading/unloading of damage
  • Acquired Companies clause – automatic cover for new subsidiary companies
  • Debris removal up to $25,000 


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