New Adviser Portal - coming in October

In mid-October you’ll see some changes to the CGU Adviser Portal, updating the look and feel of the portal and making it easier for you to access the information and tools you...

September 2015 Insights

From Donna's Desk

I’d like to thank you all again for your continues support and voting us NIBA General  Insurer of the Year

September 2015 Insights

Extreme weather season - in review

Throughout the end of 2014 and first quarter of 2015 Australia experienced a number of severe weather events along the eastern seaboard and in South Australia.  Mainly storm/...

September 2015 Insights

The 2015 winter crop season is upon us

With crop season upon us, it is now time to ensure your rural customers have adequate insurance cover for their crops.

August 2015 Insights

New technology to help you see it through

Over the coming months we’ll be introducing a number of new apps and technologies to help you see it through for your customers

August 2015 Insights

uSurvey app coming to iPhone!

Coming in September, the uSurvey app will be available on both iPhone and iPad devices to enable brokers to provide farm and commercial risk information for qualification by CGU...

August 2015 Insights