Rapid Repair Service

CGU offers a specialised fast repair service to customers in WA and Victoria.  This service has faster turnarounds and minimises downtimes

April 2014 Insights

Meet Max's broker (video)

John Farrell, Max Cunningham's broker, has some valuable advice about helping customers through major catastrophes. 

April 2014 Insights

How CGU has listened to your feedback

In November 2013, brokers and agents completed a short survey.  CGU has actively listened to this feedback so that we can improve our partners experience.

April 2014 Insights

From Ben's Desk - April

For many of us the run to June has well and truly started.  There is plenty of activity in the market place and within our business to ensure we can do as much as possible to...

April 2014 Insights

Financial system inquiry underway

The first ‘root and branch’ review of the Australian financial system since the Wallis inquiry 17 years ago is currently underway.

April 2014 Insights