Platinum Leadership Network Summit

On Friday 8 August, the CGU Platinum Leadership Network hosted its first Summit at the Four Seasons Hotel in Sydney. 

Twenty four key attendees from the insurance industry came together with twelve Platinum Leadership Network Delegates to discuss 3 topics identified as being important to the future of the Insurance Industry.

Richard Crawford, IAG Senior Manager for Leadership facilitated the sessions. 

The first session discussed what it takes to be a strong leader. 

The conversation moved to disruptors in the industry, foremost on the mind of delegates was the value of brokers for the future.

After this session, the delegates split into groups to develop presentations.  These covered the relevance of the broker in the future; how to better partner with clients and how to attract new talent. 

The day closed with each delegate presenting to the audience about their leadership journey over the course of their time in the Platinum Leadership Network.  This gave the audience a brief insight of how far each delegate had developed both personally and professionally from when the program began in December 2013.  

Delegates discussed how the program fulfilled both their intelligence and emotional needs to a level they were not expecting with a number of audience members commenting that “this program is changing people’s lives”.

Delegates were challenged throughout the program, as the following quotes illustrate.

  • I was very insecure and lacked confidence in myself … (the program has been) life-changing
  • I lacked motivation. I wasn’t being an effective leader. I (now) have renewed motivation
  • Allowed me to open up a lot more
  • … confronting. Brought my world down. Allowed me to re-define who I am.

The final note comes from IBNA Chairman and Insurance House Director, Gary Gribbon who challenged the delegates.

“I would offer a challenge to the ‘ take up the learnings and positives; embed them and live them. Not for a few weeks or months, but for the many years of work and leadership ahead of you each. Do that and you will have made (with CGU’s kind help) an inestimable contribution not only to your own professional and personal lives, but to those of colleagues, clients and the industry”

Planning is currently underway for the second intake details will be circulated in upcoming editions of Insights.