Launch of new CGU Claims Support App

CGU helps you see it through at those crucial moments.

Whether on the road, at home, or travelling overseas, CGU Claim Support helps you record essential incident details straight after an event occurs.

If your customers have been in a vehicle accident, this app will guide them through recording accident details before they have left the scene -- these include registration numbers, witness details and photos. Customers can choose to share these details immediately with CGU's claims team and start the claims process, or just keep them as a record for further down the track.

The CGU Claims Support app:

  • Guides you through gathering details (registration, witness names, photos) after an incident
  • Allows you to share these details immediately with CGU's claims team, starting the claims process
  • Provides important contact information for CGU's claims team, including our emergency travel assistance numbers

Download the CGU Claims Support App!