Best Doctors

Late last year, CGU conducted some research to better understand the needs of our rural customers. A large and varied group were interviewed in rural areas to find out what’s important to them and what they need from a risk partner.
One key insight was the value they placed on risk management across many areas of their lives, particularly those focussed on health care. We also know those living in rural areas can find it particularly difficult to access specialist medical advice due to their remote locations, time away from their jobs and long appointment waiting lists.
As a result, CGU has partnered with Best Doctors, a company who offer remote access to the top 3% – 5% of medical specialists in the world. Best Doctors use a current diagnosis (from a GP or Specialist) to access international experts who offer second opinions, treatment plans and much more. Individuals can access this service from the comfort of their homes, saving costly travel time and removing the stress caused by long medical specialist waiting lists. To find out more about Best Doctors click here.
CGU intend to provide this service as a complimentary offering to our intermediaries and rural policy holders initially and potentially roll it out across more products based upon feedback and demand from our customers and partners. We are currently trialling the service and have received positive feedback to date:  
It is easy to Google a medical diagnosis online but the information is not reliable and can sometimes be dangerous advice. Best doctors seems to be a tried and tested means to gain a second opinion for medical conditions and diagnosis.
Seems easy to understand and a good value add for rural clients who may not have easily available access for further opinions.”
It is a great initiative from CGU and I believe that it will be of great value moving forward.”
CGU is proud to be launching this exceptionally exciting initiative, and providing rural CGU policy holders with a simple and supportive addition to their current health care team to help them to See It Through. 
We will update you again soon on the progress of our new partnership with Best Doctors. If you have any questions in the meantime, please contact your Business Relationship Manager.