Dane Goninon talks about the Platinum Leadership Network

Dane Goninon of the Capital Innovation Insurance Group in Launceston, Tasmania, recently went through CGU's new Platinum Leadership Network.  Here he tells us about his experiences, what he found useful and whether he would recommend it to others.

Dane presenting at the Platinum Leadership Network

What did you expect from the course and what did you get out of it?

I got a tremendous amount from the course and it has completely changed my mindset on a whole number of things. 

As part of the first module, we did a 360 degree examination of our working life through Mindset Matters.  The feedback I received changed my communication methods and gave me the opportunity to implement a number of things not only in my working life but also with my family as well. 

It has had a huge impact.

What did you take out of the program and implement in your day to day life?

Before the program I was working 5-60-70 hours a week and using that as a marker for my success – long hours and lots of pressure.

The program has challenged that assumption and made me focus on what my priorities are and what decisions are my responsibility and what I should be handing off to other staff.  I have changed my thinking to focus on efficiency.

I’ve also learned how important it is to trust staff to do their roles and focus on what you should be doing.  Trusting yourself to trust people.

Would you recommend this to others?

The quality that CGU have put in with regards to people, the information the presenters and everything has been superb. 

It is absolutely worth it and walks all over the stuff I’ve been through before.  I would definitely recommend this for other people.

Was there a particular module that stood out?

 I really enjoyed the last module that was run.  Part of the reason I did the course was to get myself out of my shell and I think the last module really worked on that aspect. 

I enjoyed being able to present in front of an industry audience, and I felt quite thrilled that we were given this opportunity.  I felt really good about it after I had presented and thought it was a highlight.

It was a real privilege to have the  opportunity to present to insurance industry leaders and develop my presentation skills.   We don’t really get that chance in day to day business so this was great.

Other than that, the first module was a huge eye opener for me and really made an impact from the beginning of the course.

I wouldn’t change anything about the course, it was impressive and a great opportunity.