Brand refresh toolkit for our partners

This year we refreshed the CGU brand, including changes to our logo and colour palette.  Please see below for a few examples of our updated marketing materials in the new brand style.

We understand some of our partners feature the CGU logo in their business, so we have compiled tools for you to update these items at your next opportunity.


There are versions of the logo at the bottom of this page. Here you will find the logo in various file formats.

Hot tip! If the background of your document or website is coloured, use the white CGU logo for better contrast. 

(Note: image optimised for print materials not digital)

Style Guide    

Chapter one of the CGU Style Guide outlines how best to use the CGU logo. You can download the chapter here


For partners, we would appreciate if you could update your materials at your next opportunity, and have all items completed by January 2015.

At CGU, we are working to have all assets updated by this date.

Other CGU brand refresh activity

We are continuing to update documents and materials across the business. In the coming months you will start to see portals, schedules and flyers in the new CGU style.

Brand support

If you have any queries on the above please contact the CGU Brand Team at


Do we need to use the CGU See It Through logo?

For simplicity, we are happy for partners to feature the CGU only logo in their materials (no See It Through tagline needed).

What should I do with old CGU branded materials?

Across CGU, we are not destroying any old materials but introducing the new brand on reprint. We encourage you to finish using your existing stock and the new CGU branded items will be available for your next order.

There are still old CGU branded items appearing on CGU portals, will these be updated?

If an item is due for a wording update, we are not moving them to the new brand. Contact your CGU BDM or for any queries about a particular document.

I have a fixed CGU sign at my office, how do I update this?

We are still working through how to update fixed signage in an efficient and effective way. Please send through a photo and brief description of your sign to and we will get back to you.



(Note: images optimised for print materials not digital)

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