Download uSurvey today

uSurvey has received great feedback and response from our brokers with over 400 brokers from across the country registering their interest for the application since its release on Wednesday. Several brokers have already downloaded the app from the Apple store and more are continuing to do so as we speak. 

Some of the new enhancements include:

  • Commercial risk information can now be submitted using the uSurvey app!
  • Application available for download on both iPhone and iPad devices
  • Updated user interface with a cleaner look and feel to the overall application
  • Reduced manual effort to compile and submit commercial risk information via pre-defined question sets

Using the app, brokers will now be able to submit both farm and commercial risk information in real time with simple, predefined question sets sent directly through to our CGU underwriters either using your iPad or iPhone.

How can CGU partners get access to uSurvey?

Two easy steps

1.  Partners who are interested in getting access to uSurvey can register for their username and password by clicking here.
2.  USurvey is freely downloadable from the Apple store (link below). Partners can login into the app using credentials obtained through the registration process. 

For any specific questions, please feel free to reach out to us