CAT Season campaign

CGU has launched a new campaign around community risk awareness and helping people prepare for natural disasters as we enter the upcoming catastrophe season.

Last week’s bushfires in Western Australia and the current South Australian fires are a reminder that severe weather events can happen earlier than expected so being prepared and understanding your risks is essential.

The first phase of the campaign will use CGU social channels such as Facebook and Twitter to direct people through to a dedicated area on the CGU website that contains checklists and information that will help customers prepare their home or business for the possibility of a cyclone, bushfire or flood.

Part of the campaign will also focus on how CGU responds to a major weather event and simplifying our communication process with brokers, partners and customers. An agreed media and message approach has been developed to be rolled out at pre planned intervals across social, digital, print media and radio dependent on the event severity and customer impact.

Preparing for natural distasters has its own dedicated page within