Using Google Alerts

What is a Google Alert?

A Google Alert is an email sent to your inbox when keywords or phrases that you specify appear almost anywhere online. Google collates results from newspapers, websites, blogs, video and discussion forums, and sends an email summary of the most recent content to you at a time that suits you – from ‘as it happens’ to weekly.

Google Alerts is free, real time and low effort – and because you set up and control it, you’ll only receive information about customers, industries or topics you’re interested in. For example, if you specialise in Construction & Engineering Insurance then Google Alerts allows you to monitor Australian construction industry news and trends. This means you keep up to date without constantly running searches for the same key words.

Five reasons to use Google Alerts





Follow specific industry or customer segment trends

In May 2014, SA received additional $1b Federal Government funding for road infrastructure – a demand driver for local construction insurance


Monitor what’s been said about your business

Your brokerage is recommended on a motoring enthusiasts online community – capitalise this customer relevant strength in your upcoming marketing


Monitor a developing news story

Cyclone Ita media coverage spread across 8-12 days in early April 2014 – tailor your response to impacted clients based on latest information


Keep up to date on competitor activity

A distant competitor insurance broker sponsors a local sports team - indicating a new competitive threat in your patch


Stay informed about important customers

A Director retires from a key business you advise –proactive contact about current activity is a great way to demonstrate expertise and personal attention

Getting started

CGU has made it easy to begin using Google Alerts. Simply ‘Click here’ to download a copy of our ‘Setting Google Alerts’ guide and follow the six simple steps.

This is another initiative where CGU is helping our partners to develop their business by better understanding customer needs and market trends. As the insurance market continues to evolve and customer demands continue to rise, CGU is committed to supporting our valued partners to stay ahead of the game.

If you’d like to learn more about CGU customer-centric initiatives, please contact your CGU Business Development Manager.