From Donna's desk

Hello everyone,
Welcome to the May issue of Insights. This month, we introduced our new CGU ‘best of both’ products, which provide new features and benefits for our customers.
 If you haven’t had a chance to review them yet, you can download the comparison tables for CGU’s standard products to easily understand the new benefits and coverage.
If you’re interested in hearing about emerging trends in defamation insurance and social media, watch this interview from Insurance Business online with our professional risks legal and claims expert Oenone Ritman, and professional risks product development manager John Jousif.
Staying in the digital space, we recently ran a webinar on search engine optimisation (SEO). We had great questions and interaction as part of the session, and are sharing a follow-up article with some tips worth considering if you’re interested in this area of marketing.
I’d like to thank all of you who attended Kent Hannam’s presentation on the future of farming at the Steadfast conference. We will be continuing to explore how the farm industry is radically changing, and what this means for advice, product offering and ongoing management.
I’d also like to thank those of you who attended our WA Market Day – it was a great opportunity to connect with you and hear from fantastic keynote speaker Professor Fiona Wood on the ‘value of advice’.   
Brisbane will host our next Market Day, in the new financial year – stay tuned for dates.
Warm regards,
Donna Walker