CGU and outgoing call recording

As you may be aware by the recorded announcement on our Claims telephone numbers, calls to CGU are recorded. These recordings are used for training and coaching, as well as verification and quality assurance purposes.
To support our commitment in providing our customers with an exceptional customer experience,  outgoing calls placed by CGU may also be recorded for the same reasons. 
To fulfil our obligations under the Telecommunications Act, it’s important we inform you that calls to and from CGU may be recorded. While Australian Legislation requires that our customers and partners are made aware of outgoing call recording, we appreciate that it may be inconvenient to verbally disclose this to you each and every time that you receive a call from us and wanted to inform you via our Insight newsletter.
If you receive a call from CGU and do not wish that call to be recorded, you should tell us at the beginning of that call. We will then call you back from a handset that does not have call recording enabled. 
If you have any questions or concerns about our Call Recording policy we encourage you to contact your Claims Relationship Manager who will be happy to go through it in detail. 
Thank you for your continued support in helping us to deliver an exceptional customer experience to our customers and partners.