What does it take to See it Through?

Mason Cox took a leap of faith to move to the other side of the world, to play a game he had never seen before – leaving behind his friends, family and a promising career as a Mechanical Engineer.  

About the See it Through series
In the last two advertising campaigns, we shared the story of Max the Oyster Farmer who recovered from the Tassie bushfires, and last summer we shared the story of David Sonter who was rebuilding after losing his wholesale nursery in the Blue Mountains fires.
This season we are pleased to share CGU will be shining a light on Collingwood talent who have seen it through. We are taking a closer look at players and coaches who have overcome set backs or taken brave steps to pursue their dream.
This interview is the first in the CGU and Collingwood See It Through series.
Our next interview will be with Nathan Buckley in late June.