Make sure your rural customers have adequate cover for their crops

With unpredictable weather conditions in Australia, hail or fire is a threat to your rural customer’s crops, so it is important that they protect their livelihood.

CGU Crop insurance policy allows your customers to select the agreed value per tonne for each crop, within reason. We then guarantee this value will be paid in the event of a claim – even if the market value has dropped.

This is just one way in which their CGU Crop Insurance policy delivers security and is a huge bonus for those growers who have forward sold their crop.

For those that are still considering insuring their crops, our advice is to insure them early, as it will cost you no more to do so.

Last crop season CGU released the option to select ‘After Harvest’ cover with our Crop Insurance policy.

The option to take out ‘After Harvest’ Crop Insurance is available through CGU’s CropInsure online system and so far has proved very popular. The addition of ‘After Harvest’ gives you the flexibility to offer this as an option to your customers. 

The benefits of ‘After Harvest’ to your rural customers are:

  • Cover Incepted on a Provisional Yield which can be adjusted up to the FYRD
  • The actual Sum Insured and Premium will be adjusted based on the actual yield achieved (subject to variance limits)
  • After harvest option can reduce the potential for under or over insurance of your crops as final figures are based on the achieved result.

To find out more about CGU Crop insurance or CGU’s Crop Insurance policy with ‘After Harvest’ option speak to your CGU Business Development Manager today or download the brochures below.