Key Fact Sheets now available for Countrypak

In November last year we announced that in line with regulatory requirements we were introducing Key Fact Sheets (KFS) for home building and home content insurance contracts. We had delivered KFSs for CGU Home Building and CGU Home Content insurance products.

We have now produced KFSs for the CGU Countrypak Buildings policy and the CGU Countrypak Contents policy.

The regulation states an insurer is not required to provide a consumer with a Key Facts Sheet for a contract if the consumer requests information or enters into a contract through an insurance broker (unless the broker is acting for CGU under a binder agreement).  Therefore brokers are not required to send KFSs.

CGU’s Authorised Representatives (ARs) are required to pass on the KFSs for policies underwritten by CGU.

All Key Facts Sheets are now available on the AR and broker portal as well as on the CGU website.  Brokers will be able to obtain copies of our KFS from our website if they wish to forward them to customers.

The regulation is very specific and details the content, font style, font size and colour so KFSs must not be altered or photocopied/printed in black and white.

The CGU KFSs can be found at:

CGU Home Building policy Key Fact Sheet 

CGU Home Contents policy Key Fact Sheet

CGU Countrypak Building policy Key Fact Sheet

CGU Countrypak Contents policy Key Fact Sheet

If you need to order copies of the Key Fact Sheets please speak with your CGU Business Development Manager. If you have any questions about the Key Fact Sheets in the interim, please contact Tony O’Kearney