The 2015 winter crop season is upon us

With crop season upon us, it is now time to ensure your rural customers have adequate insurance cover for their crops.
Given the unpredictable weather conditions in Australia, hail, storm or fire could damage your customers’ crops, so it is important that you raise awareness as early as possible.
The CGU Crop insurance policy allows your customers to select the agreed value per tonne for each crop, within reason. This value will be paid in the event of a claim – even if the market value has dropped.
This is just one way in which their CGU Crop Insurance policy delivers security and is a huge bonus for those growers who have forward sold their crop.
For those customers who are still considering insuring their crops, our advice is to insure them early, as it will cost them no more to do so.
This crop season, please take time to:
Review existing customer list 
Establish your local approach for customer engagement 
Review activity timelines 
There’s a range of CGU tools and templates that are available to you so please reach out to your BRM’s if you’re unsure. 
We recently held a webinar on CGU winter crop, if you would like to view the recorded session, please click here
There was a fantastic turnout at the webinar with: 
550+ registrations
86% attendance
230+ intermediaries across Australia
If you would like to download a copy of the presentation slides from the webinar please click here
For further details on crop insurance, please contact your local CGU Business Relationship Manager.