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John Farrell sums up his advice for brokers assisting clients through and after a catastrophe.

“From my experience it can be summed up in a few basic points.  Firstly get the insurer involved early, even if it’s just to notify them that claims will be coming in.  Not only does it help the insurer prepare, it also means that your clients claim will be looked at promptly.  This leads to the next point, get in touch with your client to let them know you’re aware of the situation. 

"If possible ask them to take photos of any possible damages as soon as possible so that the insurer can gauge the severity of the situation early.  This is often overlooked, but to my mind it’s vitally important.  Everyone has different understandings of damage levels – by getting photos we’re removing the possibility of misunderstandings.” 

“Once you have this information we get to lodging the claim.  Make sure the client lodges the claim ASAP and make sure you stay in touch with the customer throughout the process to keep them informed.  The issue in catastrophe situations isn’t so much that the processes are different, but that insurers will be handling much higher volumes of claims.  By communicating with the insurer and the client you are able to provide quick resolutions in tough times." 

“You should also be aware that new issues may be found months after the claim has been settled.  It’s important to keep in contact with your client and ensure that you’re well placed to deal with issues that may have been overlooked in the initial claim.”