How CGU has listened to your feedback

In November 2013, approximately 1,500 brokers and agents completed a short online survey about their perceptions, satisfaction and service experiences with CGU.

CGU partners told us that our key strengths are being trustworthy and reliable, having good products, and providing great claims experience.  However, partners also highlighted that we could improve some aspects of CGU service and our understanding of your day-to-day needs.

CGU has actively listened to this feedback - from senior management to the front line - because everyone at CGU can positively impact our partners’ experience.

A key outcome of the survey was a national Innovation Tournament to brainstorm, refine and select the best ideas to improve Brokers and Authorised Representatives’ experience with CGU.  More than 250 staff created almost 200 ideas specifically designed to resolve concerns that arose in the survey.  A minimum of six winning ideas will be implemented with national support, to improve your experience with CGU.


What is an Innovation Tournament?

  • A competition open for a defined time period (e.g. 48 hours) with many participants and a specific ‘challenge’ to solve
  • Fosters ‘bottom up’ ideation - known to drive innovation, creativity and new solutions to existing business problems
  • Many raw ideas are created and considered, but and only the best survive selection
  • Find out more about Innovation Tournaments with these great examples: OpenIDEO and Wharton School


This week, some of you will have received an email invitation to participate in the next CGU Broker and Authorised Representative feedback survey.  On an ongoing basis, CGU will invite 50% of our Broker and Authorised Representative partners to provide feedback every six months (this means you will only be contacted about this survey once per year).

CGU greatly appreciates that many of you take the time to provide considered feedback (both positive and negative) to help drive continuous improvement in CGU’s offering.  Please make the most of the opportunity to tell CGU what you think – we’re listening and actively taking on board your feedback, to improve the way we do business with you.

If you have any queries in regards to our survey, please speak with your CGU Business Development Manager.