From Ben's Desk - April

Hi all

For many of us the run to June has well and truly started.  There is plenty of activity in the market place and within our business to ensure we can do as much as possible to support our partners.  One of the initiatives we have recently launched is our new brand, backed by a strong marketing campaign.  You’ll be seeing more advertisements in coming weeks as we work on positioning ourselves in the market. 

The star of our advertisements is Max Cunningham, an oyster farmer from Tasmania who lost his home in the bushfires last year.  CGU worked with Max to See It Through, helping him rebuild his business. 

This edition of Insights features an extended conversation with Max’s broker, John Farrell and ways to effectively support clients who are faced with rebuilding after natural disasters, such as bushfires.  There is also a link to a video featuring John.

In the Regulatory Roundup we’ll be looking at the Future of Financial Advice legislation and how the possible changes will affect you as a business. 

I urge you to also keep an eye on the Latest News section of our new website to see what’s happening at CGU. 

Ben Bessell