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Keep up to date with broker insights for the quarter

CGU EDGE - March 2021

1. A message from Brad Robson

Welcome to the first edition of CGU Edge for 2021. Doesn’t feel like long ago that I was wishing you all a safe and enjoyable break. I trust you’ve settled nicely into the new year.

As we all know, our industry is one of constant change. Cyclical by nature, major weather events and moving markets are but a few of our drivers. Whilst the upheaval of 2020 remains fresh in our minds, I’m proud of the way our teams across the country responded to and continue to focus on delivering market leading, undiluted support to you, our Broker partners.

There is more focus than ever before on our intermediated division and as we build our business to better meet your needs, our core focus is simple – nurturing relationships and achieving more together. We’re proud to continue to provide you with the strength and stability you need in times of market uncertainty. Our support is unwavering, and we maintain our position as a strong and reliable insurer of choice.

In this edition of CGU EDGE, we provide an overview of our market-leading Construction offering and introduce you to Joseph Meissner, Underwriter, Construction & Engineering. Joseph is new to the team and brings a wealth of experience and expertise. Check out our Fast 5 with Joseph for a few fun facts. And, don’t miss our article on Hugh van Cuylenburg, founder of the Resilience Project. Hugh kicked off our Business as Unusual live events for 2021 – by all accounts a fantastic choice, thank you for your positive feedback.

With 2021 shaping up to be a year of more rigor around regulatory reform, I encourage you to visit the CGU Important Notices page for up to date detail in this regard.

To close out, I’d like to reinforce our ongoing commitment to strengthening our partnerships and look forward to seeing you soon.

2. UBuild the right protection

Are you looking for a fast and easy way to quote and place Annual or Project Specific Contract Works policy while still getting top cover with a stable and secure insurer? UBuild could be the right solution for you.

UBuild is our online quote and bind platform that allows you to:

  • Quote individual contracts of up to $5M or annual turnover of up to $20M
  • Obtain a quote in under 10 minutes, provided you have all the required detail
  • Bind for periods of up to 18 months and immediately have contract certainty with policy numbers, certificates of currencies, and policy schedules, generated immediately
  • Customise quotes to suit various limit, deductibles and commission levels
  • Fit in with your flexible working schedule – available 24/7!

CGU has one of the largest Contract Works portfolios in the country and we have seen the continuous evolution of the construction and insurance markets. We are here for the ups and downs providing you with strength and stability with people and product offerings that keep abreast of changes and continue to provide peace of mind to brokers and customers alike. Contact your CGU Account Partner if you would like to get access to UBuild.

Find out more about our Construction and Engineering products here.

Alternatively, feel free to contact our Underwriting teams should you require more specific information.




SA & NT:


3. Building mental resilience in 2021

On Thursday, 11 February we held our first Business as Unusual live event for 2021. We kicked off the year with Hugh van Cuylenburg, founder of The Resilience Project.

Hugh was highly anticipated and extremely well received, with 1,300 Brokers and Business Partners logged in to watch the live webinar. Hugh's presentation focused on how to be more resilient through gratitude, empathy and mindfulness. A fantastic program, especially relevant given the last 12 months we’ve all experienced.

‘In Australia right now, we are currently the second most medicated country in the world for anxiety disorder. If you want to be good at something in your life, you’ve got to practice it. And your mental health is no different’. Hugh shone a light on some small changes, that make a huge difference.

Thank you to all of you who took the time to reach out throughout and following the session. We hope it has a positive impact on you, as well as those around you.

Click here to watch the session and click here for Hugh’s top 5 science-backed techniques to build mental strength this year.

4. MakeSafe Tarping

IAG has commenced a partnership with MakeSafe Tarping. MakeSafe Tarping is an innovative roofing solution and a product of high quality that it used as an alternative to traditional tarpaulins. Made from plastic cross meshed material it is flexible and contours to the roof, it’s secured by way of roofing screw, washer and tile clip.

This partnership further supports our commitment to you and your clients in times of need.

It’s a step change in the way our Property repairers will secure roofs during large scale repairs to make sure all is safe.

The significant benefits of MakeSafe Tarping include:

  • A reliable high-quality make-safe for our customers
  • Customers have peace of mind that repeat make safe is not required from secondary weather
  • Reduces further damage internally to the home once installed
  • Customers on occasion can live inside the home without the fear of a noisy or leaking tarp
  • A safer solution compared with traditional tarps that use ropes, sandbags and loose tiles
  • No rental or hire fees
  • It can be reused in certain scenarios, is recyclable and also biodegradable.

5. Fast five with Joseph Meissner - Underwriter, Construction & Engineering

Our Fast 5 for this edition is with Joseph Meissner – a very new addition to our Construction & Engineering Underwriting team. Joseph brings a wealth of experience and expertise to CGU Construction and we’re proud to have him join us!

  1. Tell us a little bit about yourself.

    Formerly a football/soccer player, powerlifter and amateur boxer before slipping two discs at the age of 20 which quickly brought what looked to be a professional football career (potentially a little biased) to an abrupt end. I then pivoted to scattershot academia which developed into a multi-disciplinary approach to learning grounded in economics/finance. Shortly thereafter I landed in the insurance space which to my albeit surprise gelled extremely well with my interests (initially broking, followed by an underwriting agency and now CGU with a short stint in funds management in-between for good measure).

  2. What are you looking forward to most now that you’ve joined CGU?

    The wealth of resources available which will no doubt augment my construction domain expertise facilitating quality book growth with our Broker partners.

  3. Who or what has been the biggest influence on your career?

    My former GM at my initial insurance broking role who instantly took me under his wing and opened my eyes to the world of insurance in which no two days are ever the same and learning never stops.

  4. Name 3 things you enjoy doing outside of work!

    Sports/exercise (boxing, weight-lifting, swimming etc.), time with the family and drinks with good company

  5. What’s your latest Stan or Netflix binge?

    Building Giants (available on 7plus).