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Business insurance you can trust

CGU is a leading business insurer, providing cover for more than 100,000 businesses. CGU’s business insurance products are flexible and can be easily customised to meet your business needs. 

We insurance online for over 700 different types of businesses - so whatever industry you're in, we offer an insurance package to suit you.

Some types of businesses we insure

  • Trades

  • Shops, retailers and market stall holders

  • Accountants and professionals

  • Cafes, resturants and hospitality

  • Cleaners, gardeners and handymen

  • Health and medical services

Customise your business insurance

Our business insurance offers you the flexibility to tailor your package depending on the type of business you run.

We help businesses see it through

  • Trusted by thousands of businesses

    CGU is a leading business insurer, providing cover for more than 100,000 businesses and over one million motor vehicles.
  • Experience counts

    With 160 years of insurance experience behind us, you can trust CGU to help you out when you need it most.
  • Support through claims

    It’s easy to make a claim with CGU. Get started any time of the day or night. We'll help you through the process and get you back in business quickly.
  • Pay by the month for no extra cost

    Prefer paying your insurance in monthly installments? Set up direct debit with us and pay by the month at no additional cost.

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