Travel claims

How to make a travel insurance claim and get emergency assistance.

Get emergency assistance

We provide a 24-hour emergency assistance hotline for you to call if you have any difficulties while travelling.  Call from anywhere in the world to speak with a highly trained, multilingual consultant (we accept reverse charges for overseas calls), or email

For emergency travel insurance assistance, please call our 24-hour emergency assistance hotline:

Within Australia: (02) 8895 0698
While overseas: +61 2 8895 0698
For all non-emegency claims, please contact CGU upon your return to Australia.

Making a travel insurance claim

Simply call CGU Insurance on 13 24 80 with the following details: 
Medical Claims     

  • Original medical or dental reports from a qualified doctor or dentist.

Lost or stolen luggage claims

  • Original report lodged with the carrier or local police.
  • Evidence of ownership such as original receipts or photos.

Cancellation claims

  • Original receipts and/or tickets; or     
  • A letter from your travel agent outlining re-booking or cancellation charges; or
  • A doctor’s certificate or letter from the carrier.

Next steps

  • Once your claim is lodged with CGU, we will allocate a case manager who will contact you regarding next steps. Your case manager will keep you informed about the progress of your claim.
  • We will assess any claims for travel cancellation and luggage damage.
  • We will inform you of any excess payable when you lodge your claim

For more information on making an CGU Travel insurance claim, please refer to your Product Disclosure Statement.