Home warranty claims

How to lodge a home warranty insurance claim.


For home warranty claims, please contact our home warranty claims team from Monday to Friday, 9.00am to 5.00pm AEST.  You can contact us on:

Phone: 02 9292 2190
Email: home.warranty@cgu.com.au

Making a home warranty claim

If you think you are entitled to make a claim, please read the claim form carefully before completing all sections of the document and submitting it to us at the address shown on the claim form itself. You should note in particular the checklist that details the additional documents you also need to provide.  A failure to provide any key documents could cause a delay in the processing of your claim. You may wish to refer to the home warranty claim handling guidelines for more information. 

How can you help the claims process

You can assist in the claims process by ensuring that all of the additional documents noted on the claim form checklist are included when you submit your claim to us.  A failure to provide 'Prescribed Claim Information' and any other important information or documentation may mean we cannot process your claim as quickly as we would like.

Before you call

Please be prepared to provide:

For claims where you entered into a contract with a builder/contractor please provide a complete copy of the following:

  • the contract relating to the building work that is the subject of the claim
  • your CGU Home Warranty Certificate
  • the plans and specifications relating to the building work
  • the conditions of approval as specified by your approved authority
  • all certificates issued in relation to the construction of the dwelling
  • all documents evidencing agreed variations or deductions
  • proof of payment made under the original contract
  • proof of termination of contract (if applicable)
  • any judgments relating to this matter by any Tribunal or Court
  • any consultants reports you have obtained in relation to the matter
  • any correspondence entered into between you and the contractor regarding this matter.

For claims where you purchased the residence, please provide a complete copy of the following:

  • your CGU Home Warranty Certificate
  • the Contract for Sale of Land through which you purchased the residence
  • any pre-purchase inspection report or the like obtained prior to the purchase of the property.

Next steps

On receipt of a claim, we will:

  • Immediately review the documentation provided by the Beneficiary and communicate within 5 days the need for further Prescribed Claim Information where such information has not been provided. Additional information or documentation will also be requested if required.
  • Promptly commence investigations to establish whether the Builder has died, disappeared or been declared insolvent as necessary to trigger a valid Home Warranty claim.  Should we establish that the Builder has not died, disappeared or become insolvent, we will advise the Beneficiary of this within 30 days of receiving a claim with details of how this conclusion was reached.
  • Acknowledge receipt of your claim within 5 working days confirming where relevant that a suitably qualified Service Provider, usually a Builder or Building Consultant, has been appointed to undertake an inspection.
  • Confirm within a reasonable period of receiving all the Prescribed Claim Information that the claim is accepted or denied, either in part or in full, giving clear reasons where claims are denied. Where liability has not been denied after 90 days of receipt, it will be deemed to have been accepted unless an extension of time has been jointly agreed by us and the Beneficiary. In certain situations, it may not be possible for us to adhere to our own service standards. We will notify the Beneficiary as soon as possible where it is known that this will occur.
  • At our option, we will finalise your claim by either arranging the appointment of an approved contractor to rectify and/or complete the contract work or by releasing to the Beneficiary a monetary sum which will enable him/her to organise the work independently.

What is the maximum amount that can be claimed under a home warranty insurance policy?

The maximum amount that can be claimed under a home warranty insurance policy, as specified in the relevant state legislation, is:
  • NSW: $200,000 for policies taken out prior to 01/03/07, otherwise $300,000
  • VIC: $200,000
  • WA: $100,000 or contract price if less than $100,000
  • SA: $80,000
  • TAS: $200,000

What do I do if I have a complaint?

Please see our dispute resolution process for more information.