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Car and vehicle claims

Need to make a car claim? We’re here to help! Call us on 13 24 80.

Make a car insurance claim

Has your car or vehicle been stolen, damaged or in an accident?  It is easy to make a claim. Call us on 13 24 80.

Have you been in an accident?

  1. Ensure you and others are safe, and ring 000 if there is an emergency
  2. Note down any details of the other people and vehicles involved, and take photos of the accident
  3. Call us on 13 24 80 to make a claim

Has your car been stolen or damaged?

  1. Ensure you are safe, particularly if your car has been damaged due to extreme weather
  2. Inform the police if your car has been stolen or vandalised, and keep a copy of their report details
  3. Note down any details of the other people and vehicles involved, and take photos of the incident
  4. Call us on 13 24 80 to make a claim

Making a car or vehicle claim

When you call us to make a car or vehicle claim, we’ll ask you for some information, including:

  • Detailed description about what happened
  • The date and location of the incident / loss
  • Details of any other parties involved
  • Your personal details, and policy number and type

Car claims FAQs

  • What details do I need to give to make an accident claim?

    You’ll need the name, address and telephone number of any other people involved in the accident.

    Additional details that can help include: licence details of the other driver, and the make/model and number plates of other vehicles involved.  You might also want to get the contact details of any witnesses, and include these in your claim.

    If you aren’t at fault for the accident, providing the other parties’ details will ensure you don’t pay an excess on your claim. It also means we can handle the other drivers directly on your behalf. 

  • What happens if I don’t have the details of other people involved in an accident?

    If damage to your car was caused by another driver, we need their contact details (name and address) to recover the cost of your repairs. 

    If you don’t have this information (eg in a hit and run incident) you will need to pay the excess toward the cost of your repairs. 

  • What happens once I lodge my claim?

    If your car has been damaged, we will arrange to have it inspected. Once the damage has been inspected and we’ve agreed on the repairs, we will recommend one of our partnered repairers and you can book in at a time that’s convenient for you.

    If you need to pay an excess, usually you’ll pay it directly to the repairer when you collect your car. 

  • Will I need to pay an excess?

    If your car is damaged in an accident where we determine you were not at fault, and you have provided the contact information of the person who was at fault, you may not have to pay an excess.

    If you were at fault, you’ll have to pay the excess as stated in your policy. If you weren’t at fault, but don’t have the details of the person who was, you’ll also need to pay the excess.

    If damage was caused by an event (eg a hail storm) you’ll also have to pay the excess.

    The amount of excess you need to pay for certain events is listed in your policy schedule, and you can confirm this when you make a claim.

  • What if the cost of repairs is less than the excess?

    If after damage to your vehicle is inspected, and it turns out the cost of the damage and repairs is less than the excess you would pay, you can decide not to proceed with the claim. If you decide to cancel the claim at this stage your No Claims Bonus will not be affected. 

  • Will making a claim affect my No Claims Bonus?

    If it was a claim for storm, theft or you were at fault it depends on your current No Claims Bonus level and whether you've made any other claims during your current policy term.

    In an accident claim, if you weren’t at fault, then it won’t affect your No Claims Bonus, providing you can give the name and address of the other party.

    Call us to confirm if claiming will impact your No Claims Bonus.