Performance Reporting

Performance reporting that drives positive results for your business


An growing focus on business transparency and performance metrics has increased the need for excellent reporting tools. We understand that all businesses have unique performance reporting needs, so we’ll work with you to establish your requirements and provide the claims and premium forecasting information to fulfil them.

Workers Compensation Online

Workers Compensation Online is a secure, web-based report management tool that:

  • Provides you with information on injury and claims management
  • enables you to compare data and actively plan OHS strategies that will help minimise workplace injuries, improve health outcomes for your employees and produce tangible cost benefits for your business
  • lets you manage your reports in the format that suits you – choose between monthly reports that are automatically emailed to you, or develop your own reports that you can access at any time.

The tool covers areas such as:

  • Injury notifications
  • claims durations
  • injury types by bodily location
  • injury trends
  • cost of injury by bodily location.

To register for Workers Compensation Online contact your adviser or CGU, or email

Workers compensation online

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