OH&S Risk Management Training

CGU provides training and risk management tools to help manage risk and reduce workplace injury.

Training solutions

CGU provides employers with a wide range of classroom and online training courses designed to assist with the requirements of workers’ compensation and occupational health and safety and risk management.

Intended to address the everyday needs of employers, training covers topics such as:

  • claims management
  • injury management
  • return to work
  • OHS responsibilities
  • risk management 

CGU also offers tailored OHS and risk management training specific to your business and delivered at your workplace. To find out more about how CGU can tailor your training package, please contact one of our consultants.

Risk management tools

CGU has a range of solutions to help you manage the risks associated with safety, health and environmental issues at your work.  We also provide risk management and OHS consultancy services across Australia. Our experience and capability encompass a wide range of safety and risk services, including: 

  • Hazard management services
  • Risk profiling
  • Safety audits


OHS risk management and training


Learning portal

Online training and risk management