What should I do when an injury occurs?

  • Ensure the employee receives appropriate medical treatment immediately. You must immediately notify WorkSafe by calling 132 360 if the injury is serious or if a workplace death occurs. For further information on reporting an incident at your workplace click here 
  • record all details of the injury in your Register of Injuries. 
  • contact your injured employee to find out about their condition, and how your organisation can assist with their return to work. Ask other relevant questions that will assist in the investigation of the circumstances that led to the injury. 
  • take practical action to control any hazards to ensure the risk of a subsequent injury is reduced. 
  • plan for return to work as soon as you receive a worker's Certificate of Capacity or a claim for weekly payments.  This can include actions such as obtaining relevant information, assess and propose suitable employment options, consult with the worker or treating healthcare practitioner and implement any return to work arrangements. 
  • ensure that a Worker's Injury Claim Form is completed and sent to CGU Workers Compensation as soon as possible with a completed Employer Injury Claim Report. Claims where your injured worker has more than 10 days of lost time must have a Worker's Injury Claim Form and a Certificate of Capacity (medical certificate) submitted. 
Lodgement of Worker's Claim form to CGU must be done within 10 days of the claim form's receipt from your injured worker. Penalties apply for late lodgement. 

Claims excess

If you accept a claim, you are liable for payment of the first 10 days that the injured worker misses from work as well as the first $682* of medical and like expenses (referred to as the ‘employer excess’), unless you have selected the Excess Buyout option on your WorkSafe policy. If you are not accepting liability at this point, you do not have to pay anything. Simply forward the claim forms and certificate/s to CGU and await our decision regarding the acceptance/rejection of the claim.

* This amount is correct as at 1 July 2016 and is indexed annually

How do I lodge a claim?

You must complete, sign and date an Employer Injury Claim Report and send it with the completed Worker’s Injury Claim Form and a medical certificate obtained from your injured worker to CGU Workers Compensation.

What should I do following an injury?

It’s important that you investigate the incident and identify a solution to ensure a similar injury doesn’t occur again. This should become part of organisational injury management system
If the injured worker is unable to immediately return to their pre-injury role, identify suitable duties that you may be able to provide within your workplace