Managing Injuries

CGU provides tools to help manage workplace injuries and assist injured workers in their return to work.

Injury Management Training

CGU provides all policy holders with free access to online Injury Management Training.
  • what is injury management 
  • legal requirements 
  • roles and responsibilities in injury management 
  • responding to injuries 
  • claims management and early intervention 
  • recovery and returning to the workplace 
CGU also offers classroom style training on injury management. More information is available in our Tools and Resources section.

Planning for a worker's return to work 

You are responsible for planning a return to work for your injured worker.  This involves the following: 
  • obtaining relevant information about the worker's capacity to work 
  • considering any reasonable workplace supports, aids or modifications to assist any return to workk 
  • assessing and then proposing any employment options 
  • consulting with the injured worker, the injured workers treating doctor or healthcare practitioner and any Occupational Rehabilitation Provider about the return to work 
  • providing clear, accurate and current details of any return to work arrangements 
  • supporting and monitoring the workers progress 
If the doctor thinks the employee is fit to work, but not able to complete their normal job, you must assess and propose suitable duties to help them return to work such as:
  • parts of the job the employee was doing before the injury 
  • the same job, but on reduced hours 
  • different duties altogether 
  • duties at a different site 
  • training opportunities 
  • a combination of some or all the above 
When assessing suitable duties, the following must be taken into account: 
  • the work capabilities the treating doctor has listed on the medical certificate 
  • the age, education and work skills of the injured worker 
  • where the worker lives 
  • what duties are useful within your business 
  • they must not be demeaning or token duties 
Planning return to work is not a one-off process.  It should continue as long as the worker has an incapacity and the return to work arrangements should be adjusted and updated to remain consistent with the worker's current work capacity.
Numerous publications are available to assist you with planning for a return to work and developing a return to work arrangements document.  These publications can be found on our website.

Return to Work Training

CGU offers a range of training courses to help you in the area of Return to Work. More information is available in our  Tools and Resources section.

Online training

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