Managing Injuries

Your employer will prepare a Return To Work Plan.

What support will I receive to help manage my injuries?

Your employer must prepare a Return To Work Plan that:

  • describes how they will help you return to work after an injury
  • is based on your doctor’s recommendations of what you can and can’t do, and the hours and days you can return to work
  • is written in consultation with you. A copy will be provided to you for your records.

If your doctor thinks you are fit to work but has placed restrictions on what you can do at work, your employer will consider if you can return to work on suitable duties, such as:

  • parts of the job you were doing before the injury
  • the same job, but on reduced hours
  • different duties altogether
  • duties at a different site
  • training opportunities
  • a combination of some or all the above.

You must make all reasonable efforts to ensure you actively participate in a return to work plan and co-operate in working towards the goals.