Employer Toolkit

This toolkit helps you control rising workers compensation premiums and manage your risks.

Taking control of your workers compensation

Employers often think there is nothing they can do to control rising workers' compensation premiums or to resolve difficult claims. The reality is that you can – by understanding what affects your premiums and focusing your efforts in the right areas.

CGU has developed an Employer Toolkit to help medium-sized businesses do just that. It provides a self-assessment to identify focus areas as well as guides and templates to help you better understand and address the areas most critical to your performance.

Included in the toolkit are topics such as:

    •    How your premium is calculated
    •    the drivers of controllable workers' compensation costs
    •    the importance of prompt injury notification
    •    identifying suitable duties to help get injured workers back to work
    •    active management of your RTW programs
    •    management of provider relationships

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CGU can help you to go through the self assessment and take you step-by-step through the toolkit – letting you take the first steps in taking control of your workers' compensation premium.

More information

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