How do I report an injury and lodge a claim?

What should I do when an injury occurs?

  • Ensure your employee receives appropriate medical treatment immediately.
  • Notify CGU as soon as possible after becoming aware of an injury in your workplace. The earlier you notify us, the sooner we can provide assistance with managing the claim.

Initial notification of injury

Providing initial notification of an injury couldn't be easier with CGU's online initial notification of injury system. If you're new to online notification you can refer to this quick reference guide or speak to your CGU Account Manager.

You can also notify us of an injury via email, fax or posting an early notification of injury form to CGU.

How do I lodge a claim?

The employee should complete the first two pages of the Workers Compensation Claim Form and submit it with the employee's medical certificate on the Employer as soon as practicable. The employer is required to complete the third page of the claim form and lodge it on CGU Workers Compensation within three working days.

What should I do following an injury?

  • It’s important that you investigate the incident and identify a solution to ensure a similar injury doesn’t occur again. This should become part of your organisational OHS system.
  • If the injured worker is unable to immediately return to their pre-injury role, identify suitable duties that you may be able to provide within your workplace. 

Online notification

You can notify CGU of an injury in just a few minutes using our online notification system.