Customer Feedback

We welcome your feedback about our products, people and services to make sure we meet your expectations.

Our commitment to you

At CGU, we are committed to the continuous improvement of our customer service culture, ensuring we are always ready to listen, help and advise you.

We know the real test of an insurance policy is in the way claims are handled. Our approach is to always ensure we promptly pay all valid claims. We also have clear and fair guidelines and procedures for handling any disputes that may on occasion arise.


Of course there is always room for improvement, so we welcome your feedback about our products, people and services to make sure we meet your expectations every time you deal with us.


The Customer Service Charter outlines what you can expect from us and how you can contact us.

  • CGU is committed to providing an efficient, helpful and professional service. We do this by:

  • Working to resolve claims quickly

  • Providing clear, concise and regular explanations

  • Responding to telephone enquiries within one business day

  • Sending acknowledgements to emails enquiries within one business day and enquiries sent by mail within two business days

  • Complying with industry and government regulations

  • Being honest and transparent

Ways you can provide feedback

Your feedback is important to us. Whether you would like to provide a suggestion, pay a compliment, or make a complaint, your feedback allows us to monitor whether we are meeting our customer's expectations.  

You can provide us with feedback, by emailing us or by contacting our office.

This information will be logged into CGU Workers Compensation's Customer Feedback and Complaints Database, which enables us to monitor the progress and resolution of individual complaints.

The database also allows us to identify opportunities for continuously improving our service. Please note: all information contained in the CGU Workers Compensation Customer Feedback and Complaints Database is subject to our Privacy Policy. 

Raising concerns with CGU Workers Compensation

If you are not satisfied with any decision made regarding the management of a claim or policy, you should contact your CGU Workers Compensation representative to discuss your concerns. If the issue is not resolved satisfactorily, you can request that the matter be reviewed by a CGU manager by lodging a formal complaint through our online customer feedback form.

Compliments and improvement suggestions

Compliments received are forwarded to the relevant staff member and their manager. Suggestions for improvement are identified and passed on for consideration by relevant managers and supervisors.